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As promised in the last post here is the KV2. I think in most games like Bolt Action the KV2 is a great heavy tank option. It’s heavy howitzer is effective in destroying both tank and infantry targets alike. It is also good to put a little tank fear into

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kv 1

KV 1

I must admit that I love heavy tanks of all types (Edit: actually I love all WW2 vehicles). In Bolt Action the KV range of tanks are very effective AFVs, although a little expensive in points. This model has been painted with white wash to simulate a faded winter paint

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The GAZ Truck

Do you want to move your troops up the table fast? The GAZ truck is for you. I have two trucks to use in Bolt Action for the fast deployment on troops. The GAZ truck was made and used in great quantities during WW2. They were made from 1931 to

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Bolt Action Anti Tank rules

I am not a gamer that likes to fiddle with the rules, so I would like to propose these rule additions for Bolt Action. I have listed “house rules” for Anti Tank trenches, Anti Tank barricades and Bocage. I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment. Anti-Tank Trenches: All vehicles, cavalry, motor

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IS 2

You might have noticed that I enjoy fielding tanks in my Bolt Action games. I enjoy getting a reaction from my opponent when I place my force on the table even more. The biggest reactions I receive is when I field the KV2 and this tank, the legendary IS2.  I

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If you need a little HE support in your Soviet army, its hard to go passed the performance of the SU-152. Its heavy HE shells are more than capable of demoralising any Bolt Action opponent. The SU-152 was a Soviet self propelled heavy howitzer manufactured in large numbers from May 1943. Although

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The T-34 was the largest produced tank of World War II. Any good Soviet general would be more than happy to field one. I must be compensating for something as I own two. From Die Waffenkammer, I bought two tanks with additional 85mm turrets so I can use them as the 76mm or

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