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Some would argue that a light tank is all that required in most skirmish WW2 games, like Bolt Action or Disposable Heroes. I believe that all vehicles have the uses. I like the T70 for its cheap points cost, its anti-tank capability and its use as a tank riders squad’s

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For Sale fully painted Bretonnia

For sale: A fully painted Bretonnia army. I have own this army for sometime. It has unfortunately been unused and in storage for the last two years. I guess its time to move it on. A lot of these miniatures are now OOP. The army consists of: Army book King

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Rise of the Kage

I have just backed Rise of the Kage on Kickstarter: In a game of Rise of the Kage, 2-4 players can choose to play as the ninja of the shadow wind clan. Deadly warriors, tasked with a variety of missions all ultimately focussed upon taking down the Takashi clan,

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BT 5

The BT 5 is a capable early WW2 (or Spanish war) Soviet tank. It would be great for Bolt Action as a troop transport (tank riders) or in a light anti tank role. The BT 5 is a Soviet light tank produced between 1932 and 1941, with over 2000 being

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Wild West Exodus Impressions

I had a game of Wild West Exodus (WWX) this past weekend and here are my first impressions. This is not a review by a WWX expert as this was my friend and my first game. The game is owed by my friend. We used the Lawmen and Outlaws starter

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As promised in the last post here is the KV2. I think in most games like Bolt Action the KV2 is a great heavy tank option. It’s heavy howitzer is effective in destroying both tank and infantry targets alike. It is also good to put a little tank fear into

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KV 1

I must admit that I love heavy tanks of all types (Edit: actually I love all WW2 vehicles). In Bolt Action the KV range of tanks are very effective AFVs, although a little expensive in points. This model has been painted with white wash to simulate a faded winter paint

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