I am not a gamer that likes to fiddle with the rules, so I would like to propose these rule additions for Bolt Action. I have listed “house rules” for Anti Tank trenches, Anti Tank barricades and Bocage. I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment.

anti tank

Anti-Tank Trenches: All vehicles, cavalry, motor bikes, bicycles and artillery treat this type of terrain as impassable. Infantry treat Anti-Tank Trenches as heavy cover.


Anti-Tank Barricades (Dragon Teeth, Hedgehogs etc.): All vehicles, cavalry, motor bikes and bicycles cannot move through this kind of terrain and is treated is as impassable. Infantry treat Anti-Tank Barricades as light cover and as obstacles for assault purposes.


Bocage: Hard Cover, Infantry treat Bocage as an obstacle for assault purposes, Blocks LOS (Line of Sight)


Moscow anti tank

The Soviets half buried steel beams on the outskirts of Moscow as anti-tank barricades.