I really want a good looking Bushido board so I bought a pack of 100 bamboo from Ebay (China) for $9.

1. I curled the ends of the bamboo into circles and super glued them to plastic bases:


2. I then used wood glue to glue sand onto the bases and pieces of cork for rocks:


3. I then under coated the bases with black paint:


4. I dry brushed brown paint over the bases:


5. I dry brushed dark grey paint over the cork rocks:


6. I highlighted everything with “bone” paint:


7. I then glued flock onto the bases with wood glue and they are finished:


I will use this bamboo mainly for Bushido but it will be handy for any 28mm game. I intend to make larger bases with recesses to fit these square bases into. I can then remove the bamboo bases so models can be placed inside the terrain. More photos latter. All up it probably only took me less than 1 hour from start to finish.