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The Wurfrahmen 40 (launch frame 40) was a German rocket launcher used in World War II. Rocket launchers were mounted on a SdKfz251 halftrack, captured vehicles or as towed artillery as the Nebelwerfer (Smoker Thrower). The German rocket launcher was also called Stuka zu Fuss (Stuka on Foot) and Heulende Kuh (Bellowing Cow).

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The rocket launchers were produced from late 1940 to 1944 in limited numbers.

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The halftrack was capable of firing 6 rockets of either 280mm HE or 320mm incendiary (napalm) rockets. The maximum range was about 2000 meters.

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This model is from Warlord.


I did not want my Soviets to miss out on a multi launcher so I made this addition to a GAZ truck. It is made from plastic I beams. Warlord will release a Katyusha model soon and it is on my wish list.

This GAZ truck is from Sloppy Jalopy.

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