My brother got me Desperados of Dice Town from Matagot for my birthday and here is a quick review.

To say my kids love this game might be an understatement. They are playing 2 or 3 games before school and the same after school.


It is a basic 2 to 4 player game with no complicated rules. You take turns rolling 4 dice and releasing your guys from jail where they can “steal” money from the other rival gangs (players). There is added variation with the use of Wild West cards that give you some special abilities.

Victory Conditions: The goal of the game is to bankrupt the other players while hanging onto your own wealth.  The game ends if you release all your gang from jail and you are the richest or all your opponents loose all their money.

Play Time: 15 minutes for 2 players and about 30 minutes for a 4 player game.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Replay ability Rating: 3/5

Comments: A great light family game which is fast to play and master. Maybe too light for some serious gamers.

The western artwork is awesome.

mr phal