I have decided to make a 60cm x 60cm (2′ x 2′) display board. Actually I bought enough material to make two. I intend to use the boards to play Bushido on and to use as display boards for any game (Bolt Action etc.) I am trying to promote down the club. I have decided to make one now and see how it turns out before doing the other board.

I am making this board over several weeks and I will update as I go.

Step 1:

Make a basic timber frame with a plywood bottom. Cut and glue in some 50mm thick high density yellow foam. This foam is the only type available locally and it has only appeared in the hardware shop in the last month. I have been gaming 35 years and now there is a local source !!!   I bought three 60cm x 120cm sheets. I probably only need 2 sheets for both boards.


Step 2:

Mark out the board. I marked out the centre points to make sure that the board is NOT symmetrical. I have decided to have a dry stream, but I also want the board to be easily changed so I can use it in multiple ways. The location of the stream is critical, as I want it to be hidden when I use certain terrain like hills … I don’t want a dry stream in every game I play.


Step 3:

Make cardboard terrain shapes and move them around the board so that they are right for how I envision the final look of the board.


Step 4:

When all is marked out, I cut the outline of the stream. I used a hacksaw blade, but a knife is just as good if not better.


Dig out the stream. I dug it about 5mm (1/4″) deep.


Step 5:

Glue small stones or pebbles into the dug out stream using PVA  wood glue.


I used aquarium pebbles as I have a few fish tanks and lots of spare pebbles.



More next week….stay tuned.