Here is the continuation of my display board. It has been a while since I have worked on it due to other commitments.


Step 11:

I painted the whole board with black acrylic paint. I painted on 2 coats, allowing a day to dry between each coats . This photo below is after 1 coat. I forgot to take a photo after the second coat. Oops. As you can see the first coat  soaked in or was possibly applied too thinly.



Step 12:

Next I applied 2 coats of brown acrylic paint. I allowed a day between each coats todry. I did not paint the dry creek bed or the tiles with the brown paint. I used a heavy dry brush technique to apply the paint so that I don’t have to a wash over the brown later on:



Step 13:

I mixed white paint and the base brown colour to get a high light colour (a bone colour). I then dry brushed it over the surface:



Step 14:

I then dry brushed the tiles with a grey paint and then high lighted it with a lighter grey, which was the base grey mixed with white paint:



Step 15:

I painted the missed bits around the edges of the tiles with the base brown paint. I will high light them later when I paint the creek bed:


Stay tuned for more soon.