Here is the continuation of my display and (Bushido) gaming board.


Step 16:

Using clear drying wood glue, glue flock on the board and hills.





I glued some bushes and sticks on the hills. I did not glue much on the main board because I want the surface to be flat. Hills, buildings, statues etc. will be placed on the main board so it needs to remain flat to accommodate them.

My second board when I make it, will have sunken/gullies/swampy areas.


Step 18:

Dry brush the flock. I dried brush the flock because I find it looks a little one colour, even though there is multiple coloured particles in the flock. I use the brown and white paint mixed to a light sand colour again.



Step 19:

I sprayed a mixed of 1:1 water and clear wood glue over all the surfaces to help protect it from wear. It will dry clear. Do not use a cheap spray applicator as they don’t last. My $1 applicator died after only spraying half the board. I brushed the mixed on the rest of the board and hills.




Step 20:

The board is finished. This is the bare board:



I can change the look of the board slightly by adding a large hill and rotating it around to different sides. This covers none, half or all of the dry creek.

Here is the large hill with the full creek bed visible:



Large hill with half the creek bed visible:


Large hill with no creek bed visible:


Here are some of the smaller hills along with the big hill:


Now I will work on objective markers, buildings, bamboo forests….and paint my two Bushido starter sets. Always something to do.


And I almost forgot, I have another complete board to do….