You might have guessed by now that I enjoy playing games. My brother David (he too is a gamer) bought me Doomtown Reloaded boxed card game for Christmas. Doomtown is weird west card game, which I believe is based on AEG’s old Doomtown card game, which was based on Deadlands (the best RPG ever made by the way). I have not played the old Doomtown game. I should also mention that I have only collected three or four card games in the past (but play a few more). I do like western themes and Deadlands. IMHO a massive bonus.

All Doomtown images in this blog are the properity of AEG


What’s in the box:
286 Cards
Token Punchboard
Town Square Game Board
Learn to Play Book

All of the contents in the boxed set are of the highest quality and full of weird west character. The card images fit the weird west theme very well. The location (deeds), items and people (dudes) also fit the theme nicely. Here are examples of the high quality cards:

SanfordTaylor  CardBack-215x300

First of all I solo played through the “Gettin to know Gomorra” learn to play book, using the pre-assembled decks. This gave me a decent idea of how the general card mechanic played out. This play book is well worth its print cost.

My first game was a three player game. It would have been a little easier if it was two player, but …. well there was three of us. I sorted the cards into the four factions that come in the box as per the “Gettin to know Gomorra” learn to play book.

The factions are:

Law Dogs: Lawmen and do gooders

The Sloane Gang: Outlaws and gunmen

The Fourth Ring: Circus clowns, freaks and Hucksters (spell casters)

The Morgan Cattle Company: Cattle ranchers and Mad Scientist (yes, this is as cool as it sounds)

The main rule book is full colour and well laid out. I did refer back to the rule book in my first game for clarification and had no problems finding the relevant rules I required.


In our first game we only played a few turns, as our time was unfortunately limited on the day. We all agreed Doomtown is a great game and we plan to play it again very soon. Doomtown is very high on my list of fun games, with both interesting mechanics and theme. The game is also well priced.

This game is highly recommended.

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An expansion is listed on the AEG site, New Town, New Rules. It now got even better.