You might have noticed that I enjoy fielding tanks in my Bolt Action games. I enjoy getting a reaction from my opponent when I place my force on the table even more. The biggest reactions I receive is when I field the KV2 and this tank, the legendary IS2.  I will feature the KV2 in a later post. I normally hear even before the dice are rolled, cries of “I have lost” and “I have nothing that can hurt that”. I am not a bad person and I try not to laugh too much, but I do smile inside.


The IS2 was used by the Soviet Union during WW2. It entered active service in early 1944.

is2 5


The IS2’s 122mm main gun was more than capable of destroying any German tank, including tanks from the “Big Cat” family.

is2 3

The IS2 was the successor to the KV series of tanks. It main purpose was to breakthrough the enemy and allow the supporting troops to do their jobs.


is2 1

This tank paved the way for Soviet tank designs for years after the finish of WW2.

is2 6


This model is from Die Waffenkammer.