I have had my two Bushido starter sets for some time now (over 4 months). I can honestly say that I was a little hesitant to start painting them as it has been some time since I have painted any “individual fantasy” type miniatures. I have been painting mainly 28mm WW2 “massed army”minis for the last few years and for me as a gamer (I am not a good painter), the WW2 minis require less detail.

I have stayed with grey for my Ito clan base colours except for Itsunagi. The miniatures painted well and are full of individual character. Exactly what you want for a skirmish game.

The only complaint I have is that some models’ pieces are very small and have not been designed for rugged gaming 🙂 . Chiyo’s scabbard has already broken off and I have not even had a game yet. Disappointing.

My first game of Bushido is tomorrow.

Anyway here is my first completed starter set, the Ito Clan:

Itsunagi Ito: