I first started playing wargames in 1980. I started playing Basic D&D and then Advanced D&D. As for miniature games I started with Chainmail, which was an ancient set of rules with a fantasy supplement at the end. In the mid 80’s we started to play Warhammer 1st ed (I still own the box set) and our fantasy armies and gaming started to expand (we also played Warmaster, Reaper, D&D miniatures and few other fantasy rule sets). I have played Warhammer from 1st through to 8th (which I liked). I have not played Age of Sigmar.

With the introduction of Kings of War I was excited that Warhammer had some honest competition. I bought KoW 1st but found it hard to get Warhammer players to give it a go. Not now. Here is a quick battle report using the 2nd Ed demo rules and lists. Orcs vs Goblins, just over 750 points a side. The players were my son, daughter and myself, playing at home. Next week I hope to play KoW at our local club.

Set up (army lists are at the bottom of this post):



2 gob


3 orc

End of 1st Turn:

Orc Skulks destroyed by the Spitters with a lucky roll.

4 1st turn

End of 2nd Turn:

5 2nd turn

End of 3rd Turn:

6 3rd turn

End of 4th Turn:

The Goblin Trolls destroyed by the Morax unit.

7 4th turn

End of 5th Turn:

One Orc Ax unit destroyed by a Sharpsticks Horde. Fleabag Cavalry destroyed by an Ax unit.

8 5th turn

End of 6th Turn:

One Goblin Sharpsticks Horde destroyed by Orc Trolls and Spitters Regiment destroyed by the Morax unit.

9 6th turn

End of 7th Turn:

The Goblin King is running away and hiding……a goblin tactical move?

10 7th turn

End of 8th Turn (yes we now we played an extra turn, we wanted to get an absolute result):

The last Sharpsticks Horde is destroy by the Morax unit (their third kill), resulting in an Orc win. It was a great game, we all really enjoyed it. I really want another game soon.

11 end 7th


The star players (Morax) of the game and their coach:

12 morax

Army lists:


Ax Infantry Regiment(20)
Ax Infantry Regiment(20)
Morax Infantry Regiment(20)
Skulks Troop(10)
Trolls Regiment(3)
Krudger Hero


Sharpsticks Infantry Horde(40)
Sharpsticks Infantry Horde(40)
Spitters Infantry Regiment(20)
Trolls Large Infantry Regiment(3)
Fleabag Riders Cavalry Regiment(10)
King Hero