This is the orc army I used in my last KoW game. 2000 points of Orcs vs Varangur. The game came down to the last turn. The were 5 objects and at the end of the 6th turn he controlled 1 and there was 1 contested, so my opponent won.

I really like my horde of Trolls and the Giant. The Ax horde under preformed and died in one round, mainly because they faced 3 Warband regiments. Ouch!

I think I need more inspiring heroes. I had 2 Flaggers and 2 godspeakers.

Anyway, here is what I used:



KoW orcs 2000pts 3KoW orcs 2000pts 4

giant trollsgiant 2

KoW orcs 2000pts

These models are from various manufacturers.