As promised in the last post here is the KV2. I think in most games like Bolt Action the KV2 is a great heavy tank option. It’s heavy howitzer is effective in destroying both tank and infantry targets alike. It is also good to put a little tank fear into your opponent. I love their reaction to facing the big Soviet tanks.


The KV2 was developed from the KV1 chassis and its heavy howitzer gun was designed as a bunker and fortification buster.

kv2 6

The large “box” turret was made to accommodate the gun’s size and recoil. The turret was fitted on to the standard KV turret ring.

kv2 2

The KV2’s heavy mass often led to the tank tank sinking into soft surfaces like mud.

kv2 4

Below is a size comparison with a T70. The T70 is from Die Waffenkammer.

kv2 1

The gun’s heavy recoil often led to turret ring damage which resulted in the turret jamming.

kv2 5

This KV2 model is by Army Group North.