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My author site:


WWPD Bolt Action Forum:

A forum for the Bolt Action WW2 miniature games.

Lead Adventure Forum:

A forum for all types of miniature games.

Die Waffenkammer:

The makers of the best 28mm vehicles.

Warlord Games:

The makers of the 28mm historical miniatures.

Mantic Games:

Makers of fantasy miniatures.

GCT Studios:

The makers of Bushido the Game.

Pinnacle Entertainment:

The makers of Savage World RPG system, the best RPG on the market.

Company B:

28mm WW2 miniatures.

Ares Games:

The makers of Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory.

Skirmish Campaigns:

Generic gaming campaigns.

Fighting Fantasy

Fighting Fantasy is a series of single-player roleplaying gamebooks