You may have noticed by now that I love German tank destroyers. In most of my Bolt Action games, I like to bring at least one. A TD generally has a more powerful gun for its points, giving you more bang for your buck. I do not own every German tank destroyer on the market…..but I am working on it.

After the Panzer 38(T) was made obsolete, the Panzer 38(T)’s chassis was converted into a tank destroyer using the Soviet 76.2mm field gun. The Soviet guns had been captured by the Germans in large quantities.

marder 3 c

The 76.2mm gun was rechambered to use the standard German 75 mm ammunition. 30 rounds was carried inside the vehicle. A 7.92 mm machine gun mounted in the hull.

marder 3 e

Marder III was produced from April 1942 to May 1944. Three models were produced, with a total of 1561 vehicles manufactured.

marader 3 d

The Marder III was very vulnerable in combat due to its high silhouette, thin armour and an open top.  Its survivability was low.

marder 3 a

marder 3 b


This models is from Warlord Games.