You might have noticed that I own a few WW2 armies, namely British, German and a large Soviet army. I was very pleased when I heard Warlord was producing an Eastern Front supplement and more so when it was going to be written by Andy Chambers. After reading the book I can truthfully say that I am not disappointed. As there is a lot of reviews on line, so I will keep my review short and highlight what I found interesting.


Book Overview:

  • The book has a great layout and fantastic art and pictures, which is usual for a Warlord/Osprey product. I really can’t say enough about the high production values of all of the books in the Bolt Action series. This high quality makes any of the Bolt Action books great value for money
  • I only noticed one typo (page 14)
  • I have read a few historical books on the eastern front and I found the history in this book is well written and gives a good basic overview for people with little prior knowledge



  • 12 new or modified rule book scenarios
  • The book and scenarios covers the Soviets in Khalkyn Gol conflict against the Japanese, the Winter War against the Fins and the Ostfront vs German and her allies
  • I like that some scenarios are designed to be played with different sized opponents (500pts vs 1500pts)
  • In the Volga Crossing and Battle for Berlin scenarios you have to roll for what type of reinforcements arrives. This adds an unpredictable element to which of your reserves arrive on the table
  • Fighting length ways on a table. This starts you further apart and allows for manoeuvring, using transport and long ranged weapons fire. For WW2 I personally prefer to play on larger tables than the standard 6×4. I hear people say “play a smaller scale”. NO….. 28mm models have a good amount of detail and looks great on the table, which is half the enjoyment of the hobby for me
  • Legends: I am not a big fan in using special heroes in normal games, but I can see their value in set scenarios or friendly games


New rules and units:

  • There is many new vehicles, infantry squad and weapons listed in the book. Here a few of my favourites:
    • Horse drawn limber: this can be used in any army to tow artillery or AT guns
    • A German recce MMG motorbike for 40 points is a little under costed since a fixed MMG is 50 points and can’t move and shoot
    • IS3, I will be buying this model when someone makes one, even though I think I would never use one in a game. The IS3 a great tank but not practical to use in a normal game due to its high points cost. They would be great in a “what if” scenario. Maybe a scenario with a IS3 taking on a Maus…..sweet.
  • City fighting: I really like the Down order effect each turn. I am very interested in playing a large city fight with these rules
  • Mine fields
  • Snow, mud, ice and frostbite
  • Dug in
  • Night fighting



If you own a Bolt Action Soviet, German, Japanese or Finish army this is a must have book. For me this was an enjoyable read and a quality gaming supplement.

t34 tank 3