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I really like German tank destroyers and I own quite a few from different manufacturers. This little tank destroyer is a favourite due to it’s size and character. Great for backing up your infantry in Bolt Action games. Its almost cute.

Panzerjäger 1 1

The Panzerjäger 1 was the first of the German tank destroyers to see service in WW2. It curried a 47 mm AT gun mounted on a Panzer 1 chassis.

Panzerjäger 1 4

This model was painted “Panzer grey”, washed and dry brushed with sandy brown paint.

Panzerjäger 1 13

It was designed to face French tanks like the Char B1. They were employed in France, North Africa and the Eastern Front.

Panzerjäger 1 9

Total production was 202 vehicles. 132 were produced in 1940 and 70 were assembled 1941.

Panzerjäger 1 11

Vehicles produced in 1941 are recognizable by their seven-sided gun shield while the 1940 model had a five-sided shield. These photos are of a 1940 Panzerjäger 1.

This model is from Warlord.