I had another good game of Kings of War – my 4th using the 2nd ed rules. 1000 points Ratkin vs my Orcs.

My army list:

1000pts Orcs

The Ratkin list (no photos):

Spear Warriors regiment

Spear Warriors regiment

Shock troops regiment

Brutes regiment

Brutes horde

Clawshots troop

Army Standard bearer


Blight Lord (I think)


The Ratkin army put wounds on almost all my Orcs units in the first two turns and stopped my Skulks from shooting for the first 3 turns. The Orcs made a comeback in the second half of the game and with some good charges resulted a clear Orc victory.


Things of noted. My Trolls put 21 wounds over two turns on a Rat Brutes regiment but failed to route them – curse the double 1. The Brutes did eight wounds in the same time and killed the Trolls – where is the justice!


My Skulks fire once all game and did 1 wound which was enough to finally route the Rat Brutes.


My Gore Riders took several turns to destroy a Ratkin Spear Warrior unit. They spent one turn wavered….


I love this 2nd ed Kings of War. Almost every game I have had so far has been against new people to KoW and so we have only been playing 1000 points. I am hoping to have larger games soon – 1500 or 2000 points games. I want to use all my toys and I find that 1000 points is too restrictive (my Orc army is massive). So far there has been no complaints about the system in the club.

Here are some pics of my units I used.







Gore riders (these are old minis):










Most of these minis are GW. I now have some Mantic minis and the new hardback rule book which I will review soon.