I like British armoured cars and this Staghound is a very cool model. IMHO, the Staghound is quite large for an armoured car and must have been hard to use effectively as a scout/recce vehicle.

staghound 4

The T17E1 was an American built armoured car used by British and Commonwealth forces during WW2. The T17E1 was given the service name Staghound.

staghound 8

staghound 2

Approximately 4000 Staghounds were produced. The Staghound  was in service from 1942 to the 1980’s.

staghound 3

Staghound first saw operational service in Italy in 1942.

staghound 4

After the war, the Staghounds were distributed among smaller NATO countries in Europe and the Middle East.

staghound 7

This model is from Die Waffenkammer.