I played a game of Star Wars Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games today, with my brother, my son (11) and daughter (9). It was my brother’s game. We played the introductory scenario, it was the second time I have played and the first time for my kids.


I like Star Wars Imperial Assault, it not overly complex game and more importantly, my kids enjoyed playing it Рwell, everyone likes the Star Wars theme. It held the kids attention for the hour or so it took us to play.

We narrowly completed the scenario, it was down to the action and in the last turn we allowed Storm Troopers to shoot us without returning any fire. A little unrealistic but we were on a 6 turn limit!

Just a personal thing, if I was going to invest a few hundred dollars in a ‘dungeon hack’ style board game, I think I would prefer a fantasy style game (like Descent, Dungeon Saga, Black Plague etc) although this appears to be a good game and knowing FFG, it will be well supported.

I recommend everyone give it ago at least once.