If you need a little HE support in your Soviet army, its hard to go passed the performance of the SU-152. Its heavy HE shells are more than capable of demoralising any Bolt Action opponent.

SU152 1

The SU-152 was a Soviet self propelled heavy howitzer manufactured in large numbers from May 1943.

SU152 5

Although not designed as an anti tank gun, the SU-152 was more than capable of destroying Tigers and Panthers at almost any range due to its very heavy HE rounds.

SU152 2

SU-152 had a few design flaws. It had a low rate of fire because of the heavy rounds and only carried 20. The crew area as also very tight.

SU152 3

For a heavy tank (45.5 tonnes) its armour was just adequate and could be knocked out by most medium or heavy German tanks at a medium range.

This model is from Die Waffenkammer.