I have owned this SU-76 for a few years but I have never posted it on this humble blog before. I have been using it a lot in my Bolt Action Soviet armies lately. It is very handy with the versatile upgrade. Here it is:


The SU-76 was a self propelled gun used by the Soviet union during WW2. It was armed with a 76.2mm ZIS-3sh main gun.

The SU-76 was based on an enlarged T70 chassis.

su76 3

After the T34, the Su-76 was the second most produced Soviet vehicle of WW2.

su76 5

A part from the steering, the Su76 was simple and easy to use.

su76 4

It’s crew nicknamed them suka or bitch.

su76 1

The SU-76 was produced from late 1942 (SU-76M from earlier 1943). Approximately 14,000 SU76 were built.

su76 2

This model is from Die Waffenkammer.