The T-34 was the largest produced tank of World War II. Any good Soviet general would be more than happy to field one. I must be compensating for something as I own two. From Die Waffenkammer, I bought two tanks with additional 85mm turrets so I can use them as the 76mm or the 85mm version.

t34 tank 2


t34 tank 6

The T-34 appearance on the battlefield changed tank tactics and design forever. It was first deployed in the Red Army in 1940, before the Soviet Union entered the war.  When the Germans met the T-34, it had superior fire power, mobility and protection with its sloped armour.

t34 tank 1

Its 76.2 mm main gun was superior to any tank gun in the world at that time. When the Germans encountered the T-34 in 1941, two German tank generals von Kleist and Guderian called it “the deadliest tank in the world.”

t34 tank

The T-34 was the main battle tank for the Soviets throughout World War II.

t34 tank 7

The arrival of the Tiger in 1942 (and later the Panther) on the Eastern Front, forced the Soviets to rethink the T-34’s main gun and in 1943 it was upgraded to carry a 85mm gun. The T-34/85 was in full production for the Red Army from 1944.

t34 tank 5

From 1941 to 1945, the Red Army made 35,119 of the T-34/76 model and 29,430 of the T-34/85 tank. Many still survive in collections all over the world.

t34 tank 4

These models are from Die Waffenkammer.