Some would argue that a light tank is all that required in most skirmish WW2 games, like Bolt Action or Disposable Heroes. I believe that all vehicles have the uses. I like the T70 for its cheap points cost, its anti-tank capability and its use as a tank riders squad’s transport.

The T70 was a light Soviet tank manufactured between 1942 and 1943. A total of 8226 were built and used up until 1948.

t70 1

With the arrival of the T34, the Soviets stopped putting resources in developing light scout tanks as the T34 was fast, better armed and armoured. The T70 was one of the last attempts to to improve on a light tank design.

t70 5

The T70’s weaponry consisted of a 45mm main gun and a 7.62mm DT co-axial machine gun. Most Soviet lights tanks did not have a hull machine gun fitted.

t70 2

The T70 replaced the T60. About 6292 T60s were produced between 1941 and 1942.

t70 3

T70 and a KV2 for comparison:

kv2 1


This T70 model is from Die Waffenkammer and the KV2 model is by Army Group North. Both are great models.