I have a lot miniatures on my painting desk and they have been there for some time. At present I don’t have any unpainted miniatures for games that I play regularly. So I have decided to paint some of these miniatures just to get them finished and off the desk. I know I will use these old minis one day (this sentence is for the wife to read).


I guess every one is talking about the new Warhammer, Age of Sigmar. I have been playing Warhammer from first edition, so I wish GW the best. I personally can no longer afford to buy any GW products as they are too expensive. For me there is too many alternate companies producing high qualities games – both their rules and miniatures. Here is a link to the basic game rules and army PDFs. I would down load them before some of your favourite armies disappear for ever, if the rumours are to be believed:

Age of Sigmar

Here are some plastic Dwarf Thunderers I painted last night. They are from the Goblin/Dwarf starter box that came out a few years back (The Battle for Skull Pass?):

dwarves 3

dwarves 5

dwarves 6

My plan is to use these miniatures for Mantic’s Kings of War.