Who doesn’t have a soft spot for the little work horse, the Universal Carrier? I have even tried to buy a real one!

uni 1

The Bren Carrier entered military service before the start of WW2. The Universal Carrier (improved design) was introduced in 1940.

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The Universal Carriers was used British Commonwealth and its allies during WW2.

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By 1945 approximately 57,000 Universal Carriers were manufactured. A total of 113,000 carriers were built by 1960, becoming the most produced armoured vehicle in history.

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By 1943 each Universal Carrier had four crew, an NCO, driver and two riflemen.

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The Universal Carrier could be armed with a variety of weapons, including Bren light machine gun, Boys antitank rifle, PIAT, 2” mortar or a flame thrower.

This model is from Die Waffenkammer.