I had a game of Wild West Exodus (WWX) this past weekend and here are my first impressions. This is not a review by a WWX expert as this was my friend and my first game. The game is owed by my friend. We used the Lawmen and Outlaws starter box. The both starter armies are between $700 and $750 ($ are used as the point system).


First let us look at the miniatures as this is what draws most people to play a particular game in the first place. I like the quality of the miniatures, both the plastic and resin. They are 35mm, true scale (thin), so they are not the heroic scale of GW. In my opinion, the WWX minis would not mix well with other manufacturers’ if you tried to substitute models. The miniatures have a good amount of detail. The models’ poses are not very exciting but are “practical” for western gaming purposes. Practical does not mean boring.


The rules. The rules played pretty straight forward. There was minimal rule checking for a first play through. The only problem with the starter box’s mini rule book, is that the book reference pages numbers that must correspond with the main rule book. I am guessing the mini book pages are number differently to the main rule book. This is an over looked editing error.


The only negative is the plastic “all in one template” that come with starter set. When you place the template over a min we had to remove some of the terrain to get the desired template over the mini. Is it a game stopper, no but it’s annoying. At $129 please supply individual templates. Yes I am picky.


Our game played smoothly. In our game, the Outlaws won with Jessie James being the only survivor. In the last two turns Jesse faced a Lawmen Interceptor and three Long Range Deputies and dispensed them easily, gaining only one wound in the exchange.


My verdict. Overall I enjoyed playing WWX. It played reasonably quick and easy for our first game. We came across no rules issues that we could not solve, which is always a great bonus. The starter sets and individual miniatures are a little expensive, but most things in this hobby are expensive. I love western theme games (I have and love Legends of the Old West) so I do like the look and feel of this game. I am not a fan of the large vehicles as it does not “feel” right – I know people will say that it’s steampunk, I just don’t like them. The bikes are fine as they are mechanical horses. Would I buy it myself? I might buy a small army in the future but not at present.

Web site:  http://www.wildwestexodus.com/