A few years ago I bought Wings of War WW2 miniatures games. I only played a few games but thought it was a great game. I used only the cards that came with the games and didn’t purchase any of the plane models.

Recently my interest in WW2 planes was sparked (the article from Bolt Action adding planes to your games) and so I purchased the Wings of Glory WW2 game and this time I bought some of the excellent models that go with the game.


Above: Two Spitfire Mk IX’s give two FW190’s a spanking.


Wings of Glory

I bought the WW2 Wings of Glory Rules and Accessories Pack as I did not really want the planes that comes with the Starter Set. So I purchased the Rules and Accessories Pack, a Spitfire Mk IX, a FW190 and a Yak-1. My friend Chris also bought the rules and a few planes. It is always good to have an opponent, although I can now supply all the planes required for small game.


I now own 8 planes comprising of 2 Spitfire Mk IX’s, 2 FW190’s, 2 Yak-1’s, a Gladiator and a HE111 ……. and I can’t wait for Ares Games to release more. I am concentrating on Germany and Britain.



At my club yesterday, we had a great 4 person game with 2 Spitfires MkIX against 2 FW190’s. It was a close game with 1 Spitfire and both FW190’s getting shot down. I was in control of the surviving Spitfire with only 2 health remaining. Close.


I can’t wait for more planes releases as this game is awesome. Quick and great fun, it comes highly recommended.

Check out Ares Games here.